Jim Gasparin

JJ Gasparin has always known hard work. From his family farm to his job in the local scrap yard as a young man, he had always put his heart, soul, and back into everything he’s done. But all work and no play, makes JJ a dull boy, so he played just as hard. In his youth, he was known as a local bad boy. As a young man, he was a person who commanded respect. Never satisfied with the status quo, and ever curious about the world around him, his entire life has been a quest for knowledge. This quest has taken him on the magical mystery tour that is his world. There are few classics he has not read, and fewer experiences he has not had. From experiments with microscopes and microbes, to culinary sciences and food preservation, to artwork and plays he has written and directed, JJ continues his search for knowledge. After taking time out from his latest project—building cigar box guitars—JJ has put on the mantle of author utilizing his vast experience in life to create worlds of adventure. As Cyrus MacVean would say, “Give me a foin bonnie lass, a well-aged scotch, and the air of the highlands. I need little more.”